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ẸWÀ is a Yoruba Word for Beauty. 

EWA Fitness - Beautiful Fitness -  was started to create a focus on living a healthy lifestyle through dance exercise, good nutrition, and positive mindset.  We believe that all women are beautiful regardless of their size, race, or ethnicity; beauty comes from the inside, literally. We are not here to build a magazine-covered definition of prettiness, but to develop a program that strengthens, informs,  and inspires confidence and sustainable healthy living for every woman. 

EWA Fitness is here to celebrate, showcase, and equip you at every stage of your weight-loss or healthy living journey.   

Our Approach



African dance inspired exercise that will keep you moving inside and outside of the class. Our African Dance Exercise is taught by an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Group Fitness Instructor. she is also  certified as a Nutrition Coach to give you a great weight loss experience. Join us in Chicago, Illinois as we burn calories, have fun, and build a community of healthy women. 



A great way to maintain or loose weight is by combining exercise with healthy and sustainable nutrition program. We specialize in Fitness Nutrition to provide scientifically-based information personalized to your lifestyle, palate, or ethnic dishes.  



When we feel good on the inside, we feel great on the outside. It is easier to find and achieve our life purpose. Our fitness program is not just about weight-loss goals, but also empowers you to thrive in your life goals. Whatever your goal is, we'll walk through it together with our Focus Forward program. 


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